Thursday, October 2, 2008

a day in the life...

Here was my Wednesday:

Alarm went off at 3:15, I went to work at 3:30 at the pizza shop. I busted my butt to get all of the prep work done for the day (it's a school week, which means double and sometimes triple the workload.) I got done at 6:45, went home, showered, put together my school stuff and took off for school at 715. Arrived at the school at 750 and got situated for my Greek class at 8. From 8-Noon I was in Greek. Had a lunch pizza hut trip with a couple of fellow theologians and returned for my Missions Class at 1. Sat in that class until 4, took off back to Smithville, returned at 445, saw my wife for the first time, played the guitar for a few minutes and then back in the car, this time to Wadsworth, arrived at 530, talked to Shaina's dad, met up with my buddy Todd and ate dinner at the church, then went to our Alpha group from 630-8. Convinced Todd to come to basketball and went and played at open gym from 830-10:30, got home, had a bowl of marshmallow mateys, checked a day's worth of emails, showered and climbed into bed at midnight, only to be back up at 530 to work again today.

I just got done with the prep work and I feel like sleeping.
-Notice how much time I spent in quiet with the Lord.
-Notice how much time I spent furthering his kingdom.
-Notice how much family time I had.

At basketball I found myself angry a lot. I am a uber-competitive person and it gets the best of me. I was not Christlike in playing with these guys and it seems obvious to me that these actions stem from my insanely busy and rushed lifestyle all day. The absence of my time with the Lord deprived me of drinking for His cup and deprived those around me to be deprived of my Christ witness...Can you relate to this at all? How do you juggle your day with consistent time with the Lord?

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