Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jesus For President

A few months ago I read portions of a book called "Jesus For President" by Shane Claiborne. I found myself agreeing with many of his statements. People in our country are so concerned with politics. Obviously now, Obama and McCain have taken center stage, and apparently we hope that the right candidate wins so that change can fix the messed up system we are in.

This political agenda is found in many Americans, including many who call Jesus their Lord. Shouldn't this raise red flags? (not with white stripes and stars). Any novice who reads the scriptures sees that things generally went downhill and God became increasingly distant after they booted Him from the Theocratic head of state for Israel and replaced him with a king (Saul).

Fast forward and what is Jesus most concerned about? His Kingdom! Jesus seems to be ushering in a new movement that reseats God where only God should rightfully be...on the throne.

Yet 250 years after Jesus, Constantine comes on the scene, forces Christianity and the government to be bedfellows and whammo, ever since, we have placed way too high of significance on who the political leader is.

The government will not solve poverty. They've failed since democracy began. The government will not solve pro-life vs. pro-choice debates. Our government will not provide adequate, affordable healthcare for all citizens. Our government will certainly not bring peace.

Why you ask? Because God is seeking for his bride to solve these issues. The more the Church engages in the mustard revolution, the more God's kingdom is cemented into our world.

Neither McCain or Obama can bring the change they promise or you hope for.

"Enough with the Elephants and Donkeys...Long Live the Lamb" Shane Claiborne

--I know there are those who disagree...Engage me on this. Why should I vote? Why should I care about politics?


Wood said...

Another great question. I think we all need to use our voice. You are correct, neither candidate alone can make change happen. Congress, lobbyists, staffers all will muddy any plan that we hear from either candidate, however we cannot be silent. We need to participate in the process. Are our votes "mustard seeds" themselves?

mikeg said...

I replied to your post in this one:

Alicia Penrod said...

hmm as a have a tremendous obligation to vote. I agree no candidate is gonna solve all of our screwed up issues, but they can aid in bringing peace or aid in bringing disaster. Perhaps you should see my latest blog on facebook. Though I have a feeling you will completely disagree with a lot of it. Oh well...but I am enjoying reading your blog at this fine hour of 3AM :)