Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend Extravaganza

Thursday afternoon, Shaina, Shadow and I left good ol' Smithville for Dayton. We stopped off in Columbus and met our friend for dinner at Los Margaritas. I had my usual "Cherry Coke with Cherries in it"...and got laughed at by the hispanic waiter haha.

We spent Thursday evening through Saturday morning with my sister and brother-in-law and their two kids. They are absolutely nuts, which makes visits pretty entertaining. We also wii'ed (can that be a verb?) We played mariokart and some brain/intellectual game that I was horrible at.

On the way back to Smithville Saturday we met up with Ben and his wife Erin in Columbus for some Texas Roadhouse. Ben and I are in seminary together and I am slowly whittling down his defenses so he will become a pacifist. Shaina and I both commented that we wished we lived closer to them. It seems like a continual story for us that couples who love the Lord and long for deep friendship are either non-existant or too far away!

Saturday night we had the Edge. A couple things we hit on were the importance of being distinctly Israelite and also the themes of sin and grace in Genesis. Sin does matter. The repercussions of sin can be long lasting as well. We looked briefly at Lot's daughters and how their sinful act births the Moabites and the Ammonites, who are people groups that seem to be a thorn in Israel's side throughout the OT.

After Bible Study, we just hung out at the church and played a couple games. Shaina and I introduced Stupid Ninja and we also played some telephone pictionary. Laughter was abundant and for the second week in a row, my face hurt from laughing so much. This is truly just a good group of young men and women.

Sunday was the youth service at our church. They did an awesome job and worship took place. Afterwards they held a picnic for the community, although most of the attendees were church folks. After basketball, cornhole, ultimate frisbee and hotdogs, Shaina and I came home and crashed. Then we took Shadow to a park, ate some taco bell and I ended the weekend in the gym playing some bball. Whew.

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