Saturday, January 19, 2008


For Christmas, Santa brought Shaina (my wife), a weekend trip to Cleveland. Last night we arrived at the Hyatt at the Arcade for a two night stay. This morning we had a complimentary breakfast at the Hyatt restaurant and now Shaina is on her way to a Day Spa for a haircut and a massage. This is completely and totally out of our comfort zone! I am chillaxin' in the room until she returns, getting some class reading done. Tonight we are going to the restaurant we went on our first date to (Buca di Beppo's) and then to Severence Hall for the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra.

This is a much needed break for both of us, as we are usually on the go 24/7...but I will admit, the extravagant pampering is awkward to me. It is hard to let people serve me. (To park my carry my luggage.) Granted these people do it because it results in a paycheck, but in general, it is hard to be served. Does anyone else feel that way?

So, the minister in me says...this is a big piece of the Mustard Revolution. (Not hotel bellhops)...But serving...and being served. I wonder if humility starts when we consider others before ourselves and seek to serve them...but if it comes to its climax when we get comfortable with letting others serve us as well. When people serve me in the body of Christ, my instincts are prideful..."I could do that myself." But what happens, when we humble ourselves and allow the Lord of the Universe to wash our feet?

Is Humility best experienced when we serve and are served?

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